Instructions how to install any of html6405’s custom roms on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 3G

General steps:

  • Backup all your important data.
  • Download ROM
  • Download gapps (arm, pico) if you want Playstore functionality
  • Install TWRP with Odin, Heimdall or do a in recovery flash (only if your already have any custom recovery installed…)
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash gapps (if you want them)
  • Reboot and enjoy the second life of your device.

Here you can find all my ROM and Recovery (TWRP) files,
just choose the least version of your preferred ROM. Also download the corresponding TWRP img.tar or img, depending on how you want to flash it.

If you are using a Windows PC, you will need Odin 3.10 to flash TWRP (img.tar file), on Linux you will flash with heimdall (img file).

ROM download folders on AFH

ROM download folder on Mega

TWRP Official 3.5.X

Steps to flash TWRP:

  1. Reboot your device into download mode with power button, volume down and home button, press them as long, until you will see a warning.
  2. Enter download mode with pressing volume up once.
  3. Connect your device to your PC and install the driver if your are using Windows. (You could download and install SmartSwitch to get them)
  4. Windows: Start Odin 3.10 and fill the TWRP img.tar file in AP, disable auto reboot and start to flash, if everything works well you will a see pass message.
  5. LINUX: install Heimdall with sudo apt-get install heimdall, enter the directory where you’ve stored the twrp img file and flash it with: heimdall flash –RECOVERY TWRP.img (you could rename the recovery file to this…)
  6. Disconnect your device and press power, volume up and home button as long, until it reboots. Release the power button instantly and keep holding volume up + home until it enters TWRP recovery.

Now if you have succesfully installed TWRP recovery, it’s time to install the rom and Gapps (if you want them…)

  1. In TWRP, you have to choose Wipe and pull „Swipe to Factory Reset“, afterwards choose again Wipe->Advanced Wipe, choose System and pull „Swipe to Wipe“.
  2. Copy the ROM-File and Gapps (both as zip file) onto your internal storage.
  3. Choose Install->““ (for example) and Swipe to confirm Flash.
  4. Directly after the installation has been succesfull, choose again install and take the Gapps zip file (if you want PlayStore functionality)
  5. If this also has been succesfull, go to Reboot->Reboot to System and wait until the installatio assistent shows up.
  6. Enjoy my ROM’s, update’s and service :).

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